Healthy Body, Healthy Mind, Healthy Workforce

John Richardson Training is all about you getting the most out of life by helping you maximise your health and feel great.

Be it help in achieving a Healthy Body (Personal Training), Healthy Mind (Counselling and Psychotherapy) or Healthy Workforce (Corporate Health) there is something exciting and for you here...

Healthy Body:

As a personal trainer with twenty years experience John has helped people achieve all kinds of


  • You may want a fun, effective fitness routine as part of a healthy lifestyle.
  • You may be looking to change your diet and body shape.
  • You may even have quite low levels of health at the moment and want to regain and rebuild your energy, movement and vitality....

My approach to diet, lifestyle and exercise is simple, effective and fun. It has worked time and time again for countless others... It can really work for you too....

For more info follow the link , Call on 07866 807098�or email.

Healthy Mind:

Over the last six years John has trained and worked as a counsellor and psychotherapist.

  • You may have some big questions about relationships, career or You and want help to find the right answers for You.
  • You may be going through a difficult time in your life and need some support for a while.
  • You may be experiencing quite severe anxiety, stress and depression and are looking for a solution.

If you are seeking help with any of these issues then I would really encourage you give me a call so that we can sit down together and start working on a way forward. By sharing, exploring and reflecting you can achieve peace of mind and get back to the life you love...

For more information follow the �link , call me on 07866 807098�or email.

Healthy Workforce:

For more than ten years now John has been working within organisations helping to boost the energy levels, health and engagement of their staff.

  • John designs and delivers health and wellbeing initiatives that engage staff and promote change. Through presentations and workshops, one on one interventions and social media John helps to create culture change towards a more present, energised, productive and loyal workforce.
    • Follow the link to the Tired of Being Tired presentation
    • Through Manual Handling training that encourages the Individual to improve their health as well as addressing the Task, Load and Environment your teams will be engaged with their health as well as safety at work.
      • Follow the link to the Manual Handling section

If you’d like to boost the health of your staff as well as your bottom line then please do email me or call on 07866 807098. An energised team creates a healthy balance sheet.

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